Location "open times" suggestion

I have a problem where the vehicles can drive at any time, however, the locations have set “open times”, which can differ per location. I have looked around how Location class is used and it seems to be only used in calculating costs and times (I use a modified version of the FastTransportCostsMatrix (found here) class to save the distance to other locations).
If an implementation for a time window for the “operational time” of a location is made, could the time window then be implemented within the Location class, or should it be elsewhere? Location, I think, would be a good place to keep the time window as the VehicleRoutingProblem (link to line) class has all the locations saved in a collection.

By implementing this feature, it would then be possible to model a problem where a vehicle could travel long distances, with or without breaks, to pick up or deliver other shipments/services while it is unable to interact with locations while outside of their operational time windows, e.g. during the night. Please share your ideas and thoughts about this topic.


I also faced such types of problem. last time I was gone best places to visit in rajasthan through vehicle but faced that problem. Really long distance travel occurred that problem.