Local file with roads (network)

Is it possible to use a local network that is not on OSM or somewhere else? I am trying to make a routing engine for a secret area, where the roads have to remain secret for illegal deforestation but fire security has to be able to find a path to the wildfires.

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I think your best option is converting your network data to OSM format. What does your network look like?

And would it not be better to reveal the hidden network to authorities to stop illegal deforestation?

I have nodes and edges and made already a routeplanner for local file with OSMnx and changed the roads to a readable OSMnx file with OSMid and everything.

How do you implement this then, is there a local input option? I can’t find this.

Not sure what you mean with ‘local input option’, but once you converted your network to OSM you can import it with GraphHopper like any other OSM file. You probably need to include some tags like highway etc. to get useful speeds etc.

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