Load test API with JMetter

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with Profile setting, My code is following:

Profile profile = new Profile(uid+route.getVehical());

When i performed load test with jmetter, Sometime my API was responsed error with messages:

The requested profile ‘f2c0780b_6a2e_4d4b_939a_b400b1da9898_car’ does not exist.
Available profiles: [f1518ac8_b15c_486a_a05d_e108e93ee4e7_car]

How can i fix this problem?
Thank you

Unsure about jmetter but it seems as though the uid is changing between creating profile and setting name, only guessing but is uid and profile new in the same thread?

Hi @Gregws
Each profile uid will load into a different thread
I saw in graphhopper core have line code


I commented it up and re-built graph-core, the problem was temporarily solved

You should create the profile once and use this in the request. There should be no need to change the internal code.

Hi @karussell
I have created only one profile but when i load test with jmetter it’s fail with messages:

Profile names must be unique. Duplicate name …

How do I create a profile without having to edit the internal code?
thank you