Load merged file .osm (generated JSOM) with country.osm.pbf

Hello, I’m new in OSM.

I’ve custom a map using JOSM, I load little area in JSOM, and add ferry ways and terminal. After that, I want to merge country.osm.pbf which I’ve downloaded at Geofrabric Indonesia and custom.osm (from JSOM).
Merge was successfull, but my graphhopper can’t cross the river using ferry ways that I’ve added before.

My code for GH is like this

GraphHopperOSM graphHopperOsm = new GraphHopperOSM(); graphHopperOsm.forServer(); graphHopperOsm.setDataReaderFile(dataReaderFile); graphHopperOsm.setGraphHopperLocation(graphHopperLocation); graphHopperOsm.setEncodingManager(encodingManager); graphHopperOsm.setProfiles( new Profile("car").setVehicle("car").setWeighting("fastest"), new Profile("motorcycle").setVehicle("motorcycle").setWeighting("fastest")); graphHopperOsm.getCHPreparationHandler().setCHProfiles( new CHProfile("car"), new CHProfile("motorcycle")); graphHopperOsm.importOrLoad();

And I ensure that ferry ways have motor_vehicle = yes

Any help will be great appreciate.

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