Jsprit Flexible Start of a vehicle to reduce waiting time in Shipment

We need functionality where the user will pass the whole day for the shipment and jsprit should adjust the pickup & delivery so that vehicle utilization is maximum , waiting time is less or not and routes are also optimized.

Below is an example to explain the requirement
Order 1 :
Pickup: 03:00 - 18:00
Service time: 15mins
Delivery 05:00- 20:00
Transit time: 30 minutes

Current Results
Results of routing: Pickup ETA: 03:00 Delivery ETA: 05:00
Waiting time: 1.5hr as the vehicle reached the delivery location at 03:30.
Due to this setup, the driver executes less number of orders due to a larger waiting time.

Expected Results

Pickup ETA: 04:15
Delivery ETA: 05:00

With this setup, the driver can execute more orders in his route duration( max working hour) in a day with less waiting time.

Short description :- Jsprit waiting time cost not working properly in Shipment.

Hi. Have you solved this issue? I have the same problem. Still trying to resolve it.