Jsprit alogorithms to maps?

Hello, recently interested in jsprit library and want to know how can i use the algorithms on live maps? Can jsprit algorithms work on Google Maps? or Do i have to create or use some different APIs to execute jsprit algorithm on maps?

You can easily display any results on any map you like also e.g. on OpenStreetMap using leaflet or openlayers.

But to fetch the results via JavaScript you need a web API for jsprit and to display routes you’ll need a routing engine, which is both not part of jsprit (hint: find a solution for both problems on our website)

We’re using a slightly old version of jsprit (to be updated soon), but ODL Studio is an open source desktop based system using jsprit and graphhopper, which has mapping and various other reporting tools built in. See http://www.opendoorlogistics.com/software/vehicle-routing-scheduling/ There’s a couple of videos demonstrating it on our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/OpenDoorLogistics

We use OpenStreetMap map tiles for the background map.

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I’m using jsprit 1.7.3 to solve VPR problem and already installed Graphhopper on local server. Is there any easy way to send each route in VehicleRoutingProblemSolution to direction service or I have to map the result into a collection of points and then using /route?point=x1,y1&point=x2,y2

Can you say the link address of Web API and routing engine ?

i am new to jsprit… ran few example problems attached in the repo. but it looks like it is solving a geometrical problem. Does it consider obstacles in the real route for figuring out the optimal allocations?

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