JavaScript MVC Framework like Angular or Backbone


I just thought about it. Wouldn’t this significantly improve our current JS?


What does ‘improve’ mean here :slight_smile: ?

Also see this discussion where I mentioned the knockout.js efforts: Modularize JavaScript Code

Sorry I was not very precise when writing this topic. I thought we could make the architecture of the js easier understandable to rely on standards. Js is ugly by it’s nature and I try to avoid whenever possible, but when I am forced to write it I try to use a mvc framework.

Thanks for the knockout.js link I will have a look into that.

I completely agree that the JS demo is improvable. But we should probably wait with rewriting a bit after the current refactoring the things look a bit less convoluted and also for me e.g. Angular is not my favourite as I’ve heard it is not the fastest and kind of a completely different language you learn. I’m more a fan of simple separate libraries like e.g. knockout (probably also backbone) etc

Hey, Is there anyway to integrate GraphHopper Map in Angular application ?

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Duplicated: How to create Graph Hopper map in Angular?