java.lang.RuntimeException Public Transit issue

Hey @michaz,

I am back finding (what I think are more bugs).

With my same data set as usual I try and calculate this route.


and I get a
{ hints: [ { details: "java.lang.RuntimeException", message: "No route found" } ], message: "No route found" }

Do you know why this is happening?



Highly likely because of the short_fastest weighting. If you remove this - is the error still shown?

Hi @karussell,
I removed the short_fastest weighting and other some parameters.

Here is my new request:

I still get the same issue :confused:

@aaastorga Oh, there’s just no good stop near the departure point. Give them a bit more range:


It’s arguable whether this should look like an error message though. In regular (road-network) GraphHopper, it is indeed something like an exception or error (the road network is mostly connected, except if you do very unlikely things like driving intercontinentally).

In public transit with its hard constraints, it should rather just be an empty result set.