It seems inaccurate map-matching

Just try to use map-matching project match the below gps tracks , got below result : it seems match extra small roads .

Can you submit the GPX file and did you check that the direction is in line with the road network and you used the correct vehicle type when submitting and for the underlying map?

I just testing a case aginst this file : roadtest2.gpx (2.4 KB)
and got the matching map :

It seem extra roads have been mapped ,

What is your mean about "the direction is in line "?
I am not sure my understanding is right , the road network data is downloaded from OSM , and generated index files Via map-matching . i.e my second testing case , i submit the GPX file (the gps points grab from google map ,make sure locate nearby the main road ) and result of matching , still match some road seem is not related , not sure where is the root cause .
BTW : the vehicle type is car .

@karussell Since generated GPS data take different Coordinate system,get the wrong map-matching . Fix it and change the accuracy to 100, it work very well now . Thanks

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I have the same issue. It seems the map matching wrong with the parallel way. I think it’s wrong because I subdivided the map into many smaller maps to be able to run under android.
short.gpx (7.0 KB)