Issue tracker on github ... template with hint to this forum?

Having an eye on the graphhopper repository on, I noticed more and more issues by new users that are more a general question than a special issue or bug report.
Then these users get a hint by Karussell to write that topic here on discuss forum.

Some weeks ago, github invented a template feature for new issues and pull requests,

So what about creating an issue template for graphhopper with a hint to this forum when a user has a general question?

Recently I created such a template for the Osmand app project,

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Yeah, I notived that too ;(

We already have a notice above the issue when creating a new one and furthermore a hint in the Readme. But maybe that is not enough and the issue template could be indeed a good way to fix this.

There is already the guidelines for contributing, a less obtrusive approach, though many keep not following them.

The proposed solution doesn’t have the disadvantage that a new issue is filled already with text and we have to delete it each time in order to write the actual contents?


We should just try it I guess :slight_smile:

Have pushed a first version, thanks @stephan75 for the idea and let me know if and how we can improve this :slight_smile: !

Can be triggered via this URL (‘new issue’)

It looks like some people even post with this change - just moving their question to the header :frowning: !