Issue processing pbf with elevations (issue resolved)


I’ve receiving errors when trying to create a new graph from a pbf datafile with elevations included.

PBF file downloaded from;

SRTM downloaded from;

Files generated from Graphhopper;

graphHopper = new GraphHopper()
                    .setElevationProvider(new CGIARProvider(System.getProperty("user.home")+File.separator+"srtm"+File.separator));

Is anyone able to please comment on what is causing this issue? It seems to be srtm_01_18 or is it caused by the elevation dataset directly after srtm_01_18?
Is it possible to just chuck in a bunch of elevation datafiles in the folder or does graphhopper need specific elevation datafiles where additional ones not associated to the PBF data causes errors?

Any insight would be great.


Turns out that it was just a memory issue…

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