Issue: Multiple route assignments for one truck

Hi everyone,

Testing JSPRIT for solving a vehicle routing problem I am impressed of the performance and the flexibility of the tool. Great work!

With the help of the forum, I was able to conduct necessary adaptions applying JSPRIT for my VRP problem, especially defining soft and hard constraints. Thanks a lot, so far!

Anyway, one issue remains: Multiple route assignments for one truck within a planning horizon does not work so far. Therefore, within a planning horizon a truck is only assigned to one tour. After it has returned to its depot, JSPRIT does not reassign the truck to another tour, although customer orders are still existent and the possible tour for fulfilling the remaining customer orders can be conducted within the planning horizon. Truck capacities are sufficient for the remaining customer orders. To tackle this issue I have defined very high penalty costs and very low transportation costs (negative fixed costs, waiting time costs, cost per distance). Unfortunately, this approach does not solve the issue.

Does JSPRIT have properties that can be set or does anybody have a workaround to solve the described issue?

All the best,


A workaround would be using Shipments instead of Pickups or Deliveries, but it might run slower, as discussed in this post:

Thanks a lot. Using shipments solved the problem!