Issue in opensource routing

I have a problem with routing engine at the same place that was involved in another issue with isochrones some days ago.

I’m trying to build a route from point 37.62662887573242, 55.692100386346105 to another coast of the river. If end point was placed at 37.631092071533196, 55.692874420351124, for example, I’ve got an answer that route is already complete (i.e., empty route as a result).

If I move the end point far from the bridge, I’ve got a real result. For endpoint 37.63898849487305, 55.69795363824376 real route was build using another bridge accessible by cars (closest bridge is railway only).

I can’t see a bridge or river in your example query:

There is reversed lat/lng order here. It should be Moscow, Russia.

So the query would be:

The other side of the river is not accessible for cars, see the osm data. If the construction is finished, the data has to be updated to be used by GraphHopper.

So, my start point already is closest point, accessible by car? This makes sense, thanks.