- help with IsoLabel in Databricks / Spark Notebook

Hi - I’m using Graphhopper in Databricks and working through the in the source code:


I’m able to import all my dependencies and all is set up correctly. The only issue I have is that the input of expects both a from node and a label (IsoLabel). I am able to create the from node object using snap.getClosestNode(), but how do I provide an IsoLabel as input? I don’t have the ability to generate one (its a static class from, and cannot be called from my notebook, I believe). It seems like it should instantiate from line 129 (IsoLabel currentLabel = new IsoLabel(from, -1, 0, 0, 0, null)) but I don’t know how to provide this parameter to if I cannot generate an IsoLabel object.

I hope this makes sense! Happy to provide more code if useful.

Many thanks for any help. Here is the part of where I am stuck:, label -> {
    // see for more properties
    // System.out.println("node: " + label.node + ", time: " + label.time + ", distance: " + label.distance);
assert counter.get() > 200;

error: not found: value label
val search =, label -> {

Got it! Ended up changing label parameter to (label: ShortestPathTree.IsoLabel).

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