Isochrone with avoid=motorway


I saw an “avoid” parameter (with value(s) like “motorway” or more values supported) in the routing API: I tried to use this parameter in the Isochrone API but the result is the same for a request with this parameter and a request without this parameter.

Do you plan to support this parameter in the Isochrone API in the future? :slight_smile:



The Routing API with that feature is our commercial offering where we use our open source routing engine. We currently do not have support for avoid in the commercial Isochrone API, I think. Also not yet planned.

As you posted this under the open source category I assume you want this for the open source routing engine. You can achieve this via building a custom profile and use that in a isochrone request (currently this is not possible per request for the /isochrone endpoint, only /route, but could be a nice feature).

Hi Karussell,

Thanks for your quick response! :slight_smile:

Indeed, it’s for the open source routing engine. Thank you for the idea of the custom profile, I think that will do the job for my needs!

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