Is service and pickup types are same?

If not, Can we add pickup load and delivery load in service job.
My use case i want to deliver new item and pickup the old item(Exchange) in same location.
Is it possible to use job type as service?

You need to specify “type” in service. If it is a “pickup” just set “type”:“pickup”, if it is a delivery set “type”: “delivery”. This way it is ensured that the delivery is loaded right at the start location of your vehicle and unloaded at the delivery location. Accordingly, a service of type “pickup” is loaded at the pickup location and “unloaded” the the end location of the vehicle. Furthermore, if you want to make sure ​that this is a real exchange, you need to specify a relation of type “in_direct_sequence” as described here: Documentation - GraphHopper Directions API.

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