IRC chat for graphhopper at freenode

I’ve created new channels ‘graphhopper’ at freenode, try it through the web here. I’ll be there occasionally only as I do not like chats that much, but I try to be fully available on Mondays German working time. I know that this is important for several people but I cannot promise that this experiment will survive longer than a few weeks due to lack of time. We’ll see and maybe the community will self-organize :slight_smile:

Keep asking here and there!

Update: maybe IRC chat is not really necessary as this discussion board is real time too and we could use one topic for this or something similar to keep it simple (and have it searchable :slight_smile: ).

Update 2

A quick poll for this:

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After trying this a bit: I find it much more inconvenient compared to here (discourse), mainly because:

  1. history is not visible (if I was offline who asked what?),
  2. no possibility to edit,
  3. the web interface is ugly and it does not remember my login
  4. not referenceable into a chat, so no real use for others.

I would still prefer to keep all discussion (including chats) to this channel here as it is real time too. But of course you can still convince me :wink:

In a poll I’d go for the forum. :smile:

Probably moving it at the top?

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