Intructions not always have street name

Hi there,
I’m using Graphhopper offline in an Android Device. When I calculate a route some instructions have no street name, but when I calculate a new path on that instruction which has no street name, the new instruction has street name, why is it happen? how can I solve that problem?

Thanks in advance…


just to get this right, you are calculating the same route twice. One a certain instruction does not have a name, the next time it has a name? If yes this sounds interesting, maybe you can provide a test case showing the issue?

Generally, if there is no street name for an instruction, then there is no name tagged in OSM, otherwise you should see a street name.


I don’t calculate the same route twice, sorry if I don’t explain myself so clear. The first time I calculate the route, on a certain instruction does not have a name, but if I calculate a new route taking that instruction as origin and the same destination of the previously route, then this instruction has a name.

The first one is this:

And the second one is this:

In the first one, the instruction related to the roundabout should has the name “1ra Avenida”, but it doesn’t, and in the second one it has the name.

As you can see, the online api doesn’t have this issue, but I’m using Graphhopper offline.

Using GraphHopper online or offline does not make a difference. What makes a difference is using older or different data or different Graphhopper versions.

I know that, I just said it 'cause I don’t want you tell me those examples don’t have the issue, BTW what you tell me doesn’t answer my question, I’m using Graphhopper 0.10-SNAPSHOT, and the data doesn’t make difference, 'cause I’m always using the same map.