IntelliJ Artifacts

I’m not sure if this is something I miss-configured or just the fact that you guys are not working with IntelliJ but if I want to create .jar files using IntelliJ I need to manually configure artifacts so that IntelliJ will create those .jar files for me.
Those do not come with the version and type as you release from in your builds so I tend to think you are not working with the IDE, am I right?

Hi Harel,

we build our artifacts with Maven. In the root directory there is the I think you are on a Windows system (IIRC). I am not sure if the works on Windows with Cygwin or their new integrated Ubuntu, but you could try to use the Otherwise just use maven on the command line, which should work on all systems.

mvn clean -DskipTests=true package should build the jars in the target folder. You can run these with java -jar YOUR_JAR.

Executing GraphHopper in IntelliJ wors. This is my intelliJ run config:



If don’t want to use command line, can open in Intellij the “Maven Projects” tool window and run the “Install” task in root module for the library artifacts (jars) to be published in your local Maven repo (the .m2 folder in your profile).