Increased memory requirement in GH 0.5?

Continuing the thread from the mailing list (the issue was whether GH 0.5 would need more memory as compared to 0.4)

I would suggest make sure you use the very latest jdk and reduce the -Xmx and -Xms to 300mb

ok, that works :grinning: I was kind of assuming that I’d need the same amount of memory @ runtime as during graph building - obviously not.

This seems regardless of whether I use Java 7 or 8.


Nice & Thanks for the follow up. (Just as a reference here is the old discussion as nabble link or the archive link)

The problem in your case is that you are using MMAP and if you reserve all memory for the JVM nothing is left for the OS, but this is required as the memory mapping happens ‘outside’ of the JVM. So this should also be a possible improvement for the graph building.

Further more it is in general true that graph building requires more RAM then running the queries.

Well, the only weird thing is that 0.4 ran with -Xmx and -Xms set to 2000m (otherwise I wouldn’t have brought this up). Anyway, thanks for the help!

That is indeed strange. But having MMAP and 32bit is not the most stable config as the JVM and OSes have a bit problems/bugs there.