Increase route plot accuracy

When requesting a route between to points, the container GHResponse doesn’t include all the points in the way (defined in the osm file), i.e, if the route is a line some points are omittd. How can I retrieve all the points/nodes that are in the line in order to increase the route plot acurracy?

Example (indoor routing),
Route in OSM:

Note: in red selected points returned by GraphHopper. In blue the supossed route
Retrived route (ploted to map)

Exists some to correct this issue?

Thank you

Could it be that you use the instruction list instead of the point list from the response?
See also routing documentation.

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Hi @devemux86,
I’m using the point list from the response.

How are you doing the import? (as indoor tags are currently not supported)

@karussell I’m using the 3D point class where the altitude of the point corresponds to the floor number.
Do you think that in the import process some nodes are discarted?