Incorrect routing for extremely short routes (2-3 ways)

Hi, I’m working on a task where I have to get adjacent ways for a certain way (or outgoing edges for a vertex in terms of graph) and realized that I can’t rely on openstreetmap data as there are a lot of places where no turn restrictions are present. Respectively, Graphhopper makes incorrect routes in the cases comparing to Google. The same problem in OSRM actually.

I understand that it is not a problem with Graphhoper itself but do you think it is possible to do anything in short term to avoid this?

An example of such a route:

As turn restriction violations are not that frequent in most areas and especially for longer routes under normal circumstances (probably not in your case), the solution for us is to fix those problems one by one and it is not that bad :slight_smile: … there is no other solution except maybe a mass contribution from some other provider or if that is possible for you: use some proprietary map data provider (but they also do not cover all geographical areas and all turn restrictions and have other implications)

BTW: currently the default routing mode in GH does not consider turn costs, to enable this for GraphHopper Maps you attach &ch.disable=true to the URL

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Basically you just confirmed my feelings. Thanks for your reply.