Inconsistent results

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to solve the VRP in 3 Stages.
For example, I have 1 depot and 2 UCCs and 50 customers. So at first, I calculate the time needed per UCC stop to serve the customers. Lets say the solution is UCC 1(vehicle 1 -2 hours and vehicle 2 - 3 hours) and UCC2 (vehicle 1 -5hours). Now that I know how much time each UCC needs, I modify the drop off time in the carrier Depot-UCC equal to the total stop time calculated in earlier step. This is because I want the heavy vehicle to wait at the UCC stop. Then I solve the Depot-UCC VRP. If a UCC stop cannot be served based on the Depot-UCC solution, I take the end customers out of UCC-Customer carrier and calculate the UCC-Customer VRP again.

I run it sequentially in a single run. Now even if all the UCCs can be served, I still calculate the UCC-Customers carrier solution again. But, the results do not match.
UCC-Customer (first solution) is not equal to UCC-Customer (second solution)
The total time and the score matches but there is a mismatch in the deliveries handled by each UCC vehicle. Has anyone faced a similar problem?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile: