Improvement of turn instruction for highway exit

When you get the turn instruction to leave a highway it is a simple “keep right” (or “keep left” if left hand traffic). E.g. here.

From my point of view there is a fairly easy improvement possible (I hope I’m not too naive here):
If you get “keep right” via the key/tag “highway=motorway_junction” the instruction could be something like “take exit”. The tag “motorway_junction” is used 182.000 times pretty much all over the world. taginfo

If in combination with the keys “name” (66% of mortorway_junction) or “ref” (25% of mortorway_junction), they should be used in the instruction as well.

This would be a great improvement for the car/motorcycle instructions from my point of view!

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This improvement is a bit tricky as it is a node tag and currently supporting this is (possible but) too complicated and we probably first need to make it easier.

Anyway, thanks for checking my suggestion!

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