Improved Feature: Better ETA values

We will deploy next week (17.02.-18.02.) a new version of GraphHopper which has more realistic driving times for car and truck profiles (ETA=estimated time of arrival). Especially inner city we are currently too optimistic and this should improve then. This is a first move hopefully in the right direction for all. Of course we try to improve this further.

This is live now - let us know here or via email if this is an improvement, neutral or worse for you.

Further improvements will follow with global coverage.

Question from a customer: It appears that the settings have slightly increased the
average times per vehicle. Can you please confirm that if the speed_factor was previously set at 1.0, it should now be set at 1.3?

Answer: We think these new values do reflect better the reality, at least they are closer to values measured here in many parts of Germany. If you did not change the speed_factor you should keep it as it is.

Today we’ve deployed another improvement regarding ETA. Let us know your feedback!

Currently just Europe will be influenced but there will follow changes to North America and other areas too in the following days.

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We will release the improvement for North America and other areas on Monday, 13.02.2017

If you have any problems or need a fallback please contact us.

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Hey Karussell, do you have specifics on the time of day, or will you just post here as soon as it’s live?


We’ll post here if it is live as things can go wrong and so time is not 100% predictable

This is now live. Changed speed estimates not only for Europe but also for North & South America, Africa, Asia & Australia.

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