Importing zip file to start new project

because of my company proxy and firewall, I cannot get files using git. Instead, I downloaded file.
I tried to import this file to create a new project but there is no project I can select using this project. I am using Eclipse. Any help?

Could you try importing GraphHopper as Maven project with Eclipse?

no. company blocks using maven.

you probably mean maven central is blocked in your company? @devemux86 means you need to install a maven plugin for eclipse or try NetBeans or IntelliJ.

I think usual Eclipse configurations include Maven by default.

no. company blocks using maven.

Once you have imported the GraphHopper projects into Eclipse, it will need to download its library dependencies. They are managed by Maven.

The only way around that would be to download all the JAR dependencies on another machine and transfer them to your company machine. You can search for something like “maven download dependencies” on how to do that.

But then again, you may be better off doing the whole Eclipse import on the other machine, and then copy your workspace. Then you don’t need to follow special instructions.

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Thanks. It seems like doing the whole Eclipse import on another machine and
copying the workspace is the best option.