Import .shp file

Hi everyone,

I need to import a .shp file.
Based on other forum replies, shapefiles should be allowed, but once I run my code


I get a parse exception
java.lang.RuntimeException: Problem while parsing file

I tried to download the suggested lib (that follows), but looks a bit outdated and it does not compile anymore.

Is there any new way to import files in .shp format in 2021?

Thank you in advance

Shapefiles are no longer supported - only OpenStreetMap PBFs (and xml). But you could try to integrate the linked module as it worked in some earlier version. But the maintenance overhead was too much and so we moved it into a separate repository where it can get maintenance from others.

Thank you for the reply! Indeed with a PBF file the project works, I will try to suggest to adopt PBF format.
In case I make changes to the linked lib to let it run, I will make a PR to the repository.


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