Impact of Curvature on ETA Calculation

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I am working on developing a custom routing solution for Motorcyclists in India.

Caveat: I’m not a developer myself by profession, but have been learning the basics and playing around with Graphhopper’s routing API. So please excuse my ignorance. I also couldnt find literature on this on any documentation.

My question: Does Graphhopper’s routing engine consider the impact of road curvature in ETA calculation? Consider 2 routes A and B between 2 points:

Route A: 10 km length, of which 6 km is through a hill with significant curvy sections and gradients
Route B: 10 km length, skirts the hill by going around it. Only one 90 degree turn and the rest of the road is straight

If both roads are of the same “Road class”, Route A should take longer than Route B to account for vehicles slowing down for sharper curves. Is this factored into the engine?

I tried testing this on GH maps but dint see any difference in ETA.

Can this be built into the engine while running a custom model?

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It is not considered by default (doesn’t make sense for e.g. walking :slight_smile: ) but you can use the curvature encoded value in a custom profile: Move curvature EncodedValue out of MotorcycleTagParser by karussell · Pull Request #2665 · graphhopper/graphhopper · GitHub

You can try this also in GraphHopper Maps. Let me know the coordinates where you are trying this in case this is still not successful.

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