Ignored "block area"


Request: https://graphhopper.com/api/1/route?key=<>&point=46.07017%2C11.61645&point=46.07004%2C11.59897&locale=en&optimize=false&instructions=true&vehicle=foot&points_encoded=true&details=street_name&block_area=46.06903%2C11.60321%2C25%3B46.06904%2C11.61495%2C25&ch.disable=true


Points 1 and 2 are starting point. Highlighted two points are defined “block_area”.

Any reason why they are ignored? Many other tested “block_area” points is perfectly handled without issue.

Thank you for your answer.

Thanks for this report. This is highly likely a known bug: https://github.com/graphhopper/graphhopper/issues/1324

Unfortunately we were not able to fix this bug yet. We’ll increase the priority for this.

Will add your example to the issue.

Hello Peter,
thank you for your answer. Good to know and hope it will be fixed, one day… Use no-go areas that does not work is not ideal :slight_smile:

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This should improve significantly in the next 2 weeks as we have fixed this in the development version and we’ll roll it out soon.

Peter, thank you very very much!

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