Ignore vehicle type depending on how close the endpoints are to some road

We have this product issue: we use Graphhopper for routing and mostly in non-urban areas where there are just a few roads/paths/tracks etc. Users plan their routes by “drawing”/digitizing the routes. So it works great when you’re zoomed out and Graphhopper picks the path for you, but then when you’re zoomed in user is trying to click on specific road/path but Graphhopper snaps to something else completely which might be faraway / out of the screen.

Would it make sense to specify some threshold for snapping, i.e. if there is a line withing that threshold then Graphhopper could snap to it, otherwise it would default to vehicle profile? Is there some alternative solution to this?

Do you have an example? I do not understand what you mean here. If a road is not snappable then it is often just not allowed legally (private road or a motorway for foot) or too dangerous (certain hiking trails for foot) or similar.