I got errors when using GraphHopper Core v4 to importOrLoad

Hello, I got this error when using latest GraphHopper v.4.0

GraphHopper graphHopperOsm = new GraphHopper();

new Profile(“car”).setVehicle(“car”).setWeighting(“shortest”),
new Profile(“motorcycle”).setVehicle(“motorcycle”).setWeighting(“shortest”)

new CHProfile(“car”),
new CHProfile(“motorcycle”)

errors from this class com/graphhopper/reader/DataReader.
Anybody face this issue ?

Which error do yo get :smiley: ?

Is this Eclipse? First thing I would do is trying to start from the command line. To me this looks like your IDE’s cache is corrupted. The DataReader interface no longer exists in v4.

Yess that’s Eclipse. Yeah I’m so confused, why GraphHopper throw error like that.
Okey I will try to project clean, and my temp folder

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