How to use customize EdgeFilter like to extend SnapPreventionEdgeFilter

I am sorry I can not to find about customize EdgeFilter in those docs.

What are you trying to do?

Hi,we want to avoid snapping some road like primary highway when on foot.But the snap_prevention parameter can not support primary.
By the way,we are using the graphhopper 0.13.

You will have to modify the Java code to adjust the snap prevention behavior like this (for recent 2.3, master and 0.13). The recommended approach to do this is Option 2 here:

But do you want to prevent only snapping to primary highways or do you want to avoid primary highways in general? The latter can be done with custom weightings and the snapping will then also be avoided.

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Yeah,I know the custom weightings and also using them.I want to the start point not choice primary highways when on foot,although the footway farther way.
I found that the choice of starting point seems to have nothing to do with weight.

Ok, so did this answer your question?

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