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How to start with Android and Graphhopper?


Hello all :slight_smile:
Iā€™m new android developer iandjust want to create simple Android app with two Views using Graphhopper and osm. First with one point and route from my current location to this point. Add second with multiple point marked on map and calling event when im close to point location. I saw your android sample:

But i cannot find just, how to add MapView to my xml desing file. Can you help me with that and show the simplest way to add to my xml file?



GraphHopper Android sample uses VTM OpenGL map library.

For questions regarding its use, better ask them to their forum.


Tried to use it on my iOS and it showed a iphone error 4005 . Is it a compatibility issue and are we getting it seperately for iOS platform ???


Please create a new topic. For iOS support see here: