How to solve pickup & delivery problems?

How to solve the problem when you need to optimize the route and there should be several points of pickups (warehouses) and one or more points of deliveries?
For example: courier need to pickup the goods from a pickup points and deliver them to delivery points. I think that is VRPSPD?
I thought it was a pickup and delivery, but the delivery cannot be made before the courier picks up the goods. First of all courier need to pickup the goods and then make a delivery.
But in this example, the goods are delivered first, and then making the pickups.

P.S. Maybe someone can help me with my other questions:

Thanks in advance.

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It is pickup&delivery. If you need copel Jsprit make pickup first, there is constraint for that ShipmentPickupsFirstConstraint. If you are ok with backhauls, you can let JSprit decide when to pickup and when to delivery each order. The sequence of Shipment is always pickup then delivery, so don’t worry.

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