How to report a wrong tag (e.g one-way-road) in OSM?

Hello, sometimes I have a situation that there is a one-way road but OSM doesn’t see it.
How can I change or add that tag to osm ??

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Pushing an update to the official OSM map
Requests for changes on the OpenStreetMaps are done through the website:
Account is required for editing and can be made on the website.

Once you have an account navigate the map to the location of the road or landmark whose attribute you wish to change and click on the button labeled “Edit” in the upper left corner.
The map will switch to editing mode, hover over the road or landmark you wish to edit and click on it. This will open a panel on the left side with the metadata associated with that object.

The list of acceptable tags can be found in the OpenStreetMaps documentation at the following link:
When making a change or adding missing data special care should be taken to source the data from official records, such as the website of the road/tunnel/bridge operator. Also you can select to have your change reviewed by someone.
After submitting the change it should take 24 to 48 hours for the map with the change to become available at the Geofabrik maps repository GEOFABRIK // Downloads
The map available at the live demo for Graphhopper software is not updated daily so the map with the change might not be available there for some time. Driving Directions - GraphHopper Maps


Thanks @topcerebro - nice introduction :slight_smile:
I can additionally also recommend to have a look into this website: LearnOSM

Well, the truth is that we update all of our clusters with multiple big servers all the time :slight_smile: … but the update cycle can take 0.5 to 2 days and so the time until a change is considered in the routing can be 1 to 4 days (if nothing else goes wrong).

(Hack: if you append &turn_costs=false you’ll usually see the update faster, i.e. 1-2 days instead of 3-4.)

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