How to prevent routing to location in another island

Hi all,

I am having issue that routing to location in another island which is so far from depart location as the following image.
When I check it, it’s using ferry to transport. But I use truck for vehicle type.
How can prevent it?

What do you want to prevent? Using the ferry? If the ferry allows trucks explicitely then you currently cannot prevent this on a per request basis. But if you have local knowledge and know the ferry shouldn’t transport trucks, then you can have a look into and edit the tags for the ferry. Then the result in the Route Optimization will be “connection not found” if there is no alternative, so you’ll have to determine those separated locations before sending them to the Route Optimization API. (We are planning to provide a clustering API in the next month that could solve this problem though)

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Thanks @karussell

Yeah, the ferry allows trucks.
Thanks for API information also.