How to label a two-way bike path

Hello, my question is about the bike path shown in the image 1, it can be seen that the main street is one way but the bike path on the right side is two-way for cyclists.
Currently the labels of the bike path are as follows:

  • cycleway:right=lane
  • highway=tertiary
  • lanes=3
  • maxspeed=45
  • name=Avenida Sáenz Peña
  • oneway=yes
  • surface=asphalt

The problem I have is that while generating a route in one direction with bicycle profile, it is done correctly taking the bicycle lane, but while doing it in the opposite direction, it does not take the bicycle lane and goes by another path.

How should I label the bike path so that it can go both ways correctly using the Graphhopper API.

There is a oneway:bicycle=no tag missing, this should do the trick.

Hi there!

What happens if you try without the ‘cycleway:right=lane’ constraint?