How to handle when street name changes on a route

In my android app (using android example - offline routing) I have made the assumption that the streetname given for an instruction (eg turn left onto “x” street )remains valid until the next instruction, this is of course not correct, many roads change names and become another road “x” becomes “y” and because a turn is not required, instructions are not generated.

Is there any way I can find the street name that applies to the current, nearest or next node

You can use details=street_name and get all the names along a route:

Is street_name only on the navigation API,
is there a way to do this in the java api?
I use ()android/java) req.setPathDetails(Arrays.asList(MaxSpeed.KEY));
but nothing for street_name ?


You can extend this to

req.setPathDetails(Arrays.asList(MaxSpeed.KEY, "street_name"));

Thanks Peter, works perfectly

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