How to get points out of RouteResponsePath

I’m using the swagger-generated java client to talk to the Graphhopper server. The RouteResponse I’m getting back has one RouteResponsePath, but I can’t find any way to get the points out of it. getPoints() just gives me back an AllOfRouteResponsePathPoints object that seems to have no content other than shadow$klass and shadow$monitor, and the toString seems to suggest there are no points.

However I can packet sniff the server response and the data is definitely there in the raw json. Can anybody help me extract that data from the java classes?


For Java we recommend the handcrafted client:

See the examples:

Thanks very much, I’ll try that!

Btw, it might be worth updating the deprecation notice over at

That was what sent me over to the swagger docs. I imagine it would be better to have it point at the clients you just told me about?

Thanks, that did the trick!

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