How to exclude service time from the Route Duration

Hi, Jsprit community,
I am new to the jsprit, I am trying to exclude the order/Job service time from the route duration.
For example, The vehicle start and end times are from 10 to 15. There is two order each having 1 hour service time and Order 1-time window(13 - 14 ) and Order 2 time window (15-16)

case (Which is needed): route should be created like this 10(start) ----(travel)------>13(Job1) 1 hour)14----(travel)—>15(JOB2)16.
Here total travel time is = 4 hours, and total route duration is 6 hours,

By Default Jsprit consider the service time in the route Duration so in the above case Jspirt return route like 10(start) ---------->13(Job1) 1 hour)14.
here Job2 can not be full fill because the total route duration will be more than 5 hours.

Thanks in Advance.

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