How to connect to Graphhopper

This is a question about installation. It may be a bit elementary but I can’t find the answer. I have installed graphhopper on an ubuntu 18 server and I get a response with w3m -v http://localhost:8989/ . I need to call the api from external servers but I get a cannot establish connection error. I have opened the 8989 port using sudo ufw allow 8989/tcp . Do I need to install something like tomcat or is there an easier way?

This should be possible at http://localhost:8989/route ?

Or you need to bind to the public IP. See the config.yml under server -> bindhost

I’ve got exactly the same problem. Using the public API via LRM everything is fine. Graphhopper appears to be running, but does generate an error “An illegal reflective access operation has occurred”… and access is blocked although the port is enabled.

If LRM is working why does GH produce the error? Or you you mean accessing localhost:8989/route with a browser throws the error and with LRM it works fine?

Can you try to create a step by step guide for me, e.g. “download this file, do that and that, then you’ll see the error”?

I got this working by changing the config.yml with this -


  • type: http
    port: 8082

    for security reasons bind to localhost

bindHost: localhost

I expect this is inherently insecure but graphhopper is the only thing on server so I am not too worried.

This is a brilliant bit of software. It produced the same route as did google maps and I don’t have to jump through hoops to use it or pay for it. If I ever make any money with this I will send you a donation.

The text I wrote is displaying strangely on my computer . The bindhost line should be commented out.

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