How to compile graphhopper project to use in map-matching?


This is a newbie question and possibly related with java/maven, not with graphhopper.

I’m using map-matching project. However I want to modify some files in the graphhoper project (currently com/graphhopper/util/ file). Is there an easy way to configure the projects so that map-matching uses the classes (or jars) generated by graphhopper for core and web packages instead of downloading its recent build from web?

I know a little bit of java but I’m a stranger to the current build tools.


Which IDE are you using? Even without any IDE support you can normally build the jar file of core and web (mvn clean install -DskipTests=true), this will also deploy the jars into your local repository (<home>/.m2/repository) and the changes should be picked up if you refer in the map matching project to the correct version (it will use the packaged jars from the local repository).

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It worked. Thanks. I had no idea how maven works.

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