How to change the tolerence for snapping to Road?

I have deployed the graphhoper server on my local machine, and I’m testing it out on my side. My inputs are Rural locations in India.

For some inputs, the engine cannot find the closest road to snap to. The Routing API returns the following result:

“hints”: [
“point_index”: 0,
“details”: “com.graphhopper.util.exceptions.PointNotFoundException”,
“message”: “Cannot find point 0: 27.433736,73.712479”
“message”: “Cannot find point 0: 27.433736,73.712479”

I used the following inputs:
point1 27.433736,73.712479
point2 27.027324,73.539734

But when I run the same query on the publicly available Server (, It returns the results. The online server can find the closest point on the road.

I checked, and this road is also available on my Input india-latest.osm.pbf file.

What do I need to do to make my local instance also snap to the road? What property do I need to change?

You could increase index.max_region_search to e.g. 8 but be careful: it can get slower and routes won’t get better from this :slight_smile: