How is the direction of a way considered in the navigation algorithm?

For the carFlagEncoder, the direction of a way is considered. However, how is the tag oneway = yes used in the algorithm? Is it during the weight calculation or any other part of the code? I am unable to find the relevant code dealing with the direction information of a way so that during the car navigation, the right route would be chosen.

It is handled during import also from the CarFlagEncoder. Or have a look into the DataFlagEncoder which is more flexible and you can customize your route preferrences per request (if CH is disabled)

If CH is disabled, how can I set my weighting? It the configure file, the weighting is set as fastest, which means the CH has to be enabled for this setting, right?

You can specify it per request, e.g. in the URL via “&weighting=fastest” or set this parameter in the hints.