How I can change the strategy to get fewer routes?

I’m processing routes for over 1000 addresses with time window and distances and times between clients, routes are generated prioritizing the shortest distance and the shortest time possible priority for fewer routes? I’m using:

        VehicleRoutingAlgorithm vra = Jsprit.Builder.newInstance(vrp).setStateAndConstraintManager(stateManager, constraintManager)
                .setProperty(Jsprit.Parameter.THREADS, "5").setProperty(Jsprit.Strategy.CLUSTER_REGRET, "1.5")
                .setProperty(Jsprit.Strategy.CLUSTER_BEST, 5) 
                // setProperty(Jsprit.Strategy.WORST_BEST, "0.5").setProperty(Jsprit.Strategy.RANDOM_BEST, "0.5")

i use CLUSTER use to have Clustered Services, could show me values or (Jsprit.Strategy can use to improve according to my goals?, i use DistanceConstraint , and TimeWindowConstraintWithDriverTime too

Thank you

Hi @dante_fuster,

Is your problem related to this post: Reducing number of vehicles?

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