How do i used my link to download graphhopper .ghz file?

I changed the link private String fileListURL = "" + Constants.getMajorVersion() + "/"; to private String fileListURL = ""; but it won’t work. How do I enable downloading of just one .ghz file? do i have to upload to graphhopper server?

Putting the mentioned url in a browser does not initiate a download dialog, it just opens a web page.

So better use a proper download link which does not redirect to a page?

It initiates a download dialog when it is clicked on browser. Do i have to upload somewhere else that supports android?

Oh i fixed it. I just have to remove the rest of the methods and just immediately call the downloadingFiles() method and put it as an OnClickListener on the button.

i also want to download another map can u tell me how can i do this that is using another url for downloading. my second question is how could i make my own url so as to download my maps.

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