How Do I Enable Multiple Transit Options in Local Instance?

I am attempting to setup a local graphhopper instance on an EC2 machine. I am able to build the instance with car transit or alternatively build it with public transit routing, but am unable to build an instance that can support both. My approach has been as follows:

cp ../valhalla/boston_massachusetts.osm.pbf .
java -Xmx5g -Xms5g -jar *.jar jetty.resourcebase=webapp datareader.file=boston_massachusetts.osm.pbf

I have set the following in

# Possible options: car,foot,bike,bike2,mtb,racingbike,motorcycle (comma separated)
# bike2 takes elevation data into account (like up-hill is slower than down-hill) and requires enabling graph.elevation.provider below

But this seems to be ignored.

This is currently not possible

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This is possible now. See the previously linked issue.