How difficult would it be to include pedestrian squares and transport platforms into routes?


I’ve noticed that GH doesn’t build a route through a pedestrian square or public transport platform (examples below). Or correct me if I’m heading wrong direction, please.
It breaks several of mine use-cases and I would like to change it. But before I need to estimate what amount of work it needs to be done and in which parts of Graphhopper.
I appreciate any help with estimation and leading me.

Example 1: It seems that platform does not connect two roads.

  1. Route 1.
  2. Route 2. I guess that if the platform had connected roads then the route wouldn’t have changed so much.

Example 2.
Judging from the available street network here, there’s no way for the engine to route to the destination: the edge is simply missing. I wonder why it doesn’t route along the Way tagged as “pedestrian area” of Leidsplein, same as it did in example 1 and 3 for the train platform

See issue

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