How can I use matrix api in localhost:8989

I am new to Graphhopper and after install GH , I could use route api in localhost:8989 like this :,13.18612&point=52.46036,13.39581&vehicle=car&debug=true&type=json&points_encoded=false&weighting=fastest ,
but I found i cannot run matrix same way, what can i do?

and this is my request in 8989:,13.35214&point=52.48841,13.30478&point=52.51759,13.27571&type=json&profile=car&out_array=weights&out_array=times&out_array=distances

Shortly speaking, you can’t. The matrix API is not part of the open source GraphHopper distribution.

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thank you, and i just saw it in the front page of graphhopper

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