How can i have jobs grouped by codes?

I have a list of 1200 jobs, some have codes that group them, the idea is to get routes
that contain jobs but in the same route those containing their same group
code, how can I do this, I am trying to use SoftRouteConstraint i dont know fow use
Thanks for your help

Perhaps you can use something like MultipleProductsWithLoadConstraintExample?

You might use skills for your groups?

Yes I can use Skills, but I am already using it to identify types of jobs
and relate it to types of vehicles, on the other hand if I do that, I
would know in which vehicle the group is assigned and there may be more
than one group in a vehicle according to Solve the solution. Lastly,
what I use is HardRoute to identify what you Job is use in a Route and then
verify that the other jobs in the group can only be included in that
Thank you

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